One more questions when you see Twin Peaks is possibly… “This which noses mean??”. Perfectly normal, given the history of David Lynch (I miss Mark Frost in my comments because it is obvious that it was Lynch who gave a metaphysical twist to the series, almost improvising words of the cast; Frost only wanted to keep the original argument). It is certainly reasonable that after seeing the series many details escape us, that however, sure we decipher some of them after watching the series again. Here are some theories that, on the other hand, they are not because be right. We must be aware that, in the case of David Lynch, all performances are good, and neither is it (in his own words).

  • THE RED ROOM: I consider this dream-like place is not the Black Lodge, but an intermediate space between the white and the Black Lodge, a “waiting room” (in the words of the man from another place); a purgatory surreal. POINTS THAT SUPPORT MY THEORY: There we see the giant, an agent of the white lodge; is not a particularly diabolical place; there lives each person with your dark side; the man from another place said: “This is the waiting room”; says the man from another place in the dream of Cooper: “where we come from, the birds sing”, that indicates that he is not there but comes from elsewhere.
  • MIKE AND THE MAN FROM ANOTHER PLACE: I think Mike “the Penguin” lied to Cooper at all times. Perhaps he tried to really go beside the good, but ended up failing. Its “cut arm”, The man from another place, It is stronger than him and Mike finally follow associated with BOB. POINTS THAT SUPPORT MY THEORY: the reaction of Mike to see Leland in the film; the final scene of the film where Mike speaks for the mouth of the man from another place.
  • RING:I think that Teresa Banks ring symbolizes the perfect cycle of symbiosis between Mike and BOB, and also the next victim of BOB. Teresa dies and an agent (Desmond) disappears. The ring passed to Laura, it dies, leaving an agent corrupted by the way. In the discarded script of the film, We can read that Annie has the ring at the end of the film. Is a cyclic process that we are told about (In fact, The man from another place said on one occasion “and everything will cyclically”): a girl is killed by BOB, so to attract an agent of the good that must be corrupted.
  • THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM:The owls are not at all what they seem, the series makes that clear. Whenever something strange or bad happens, There are present. The own Lady Leno takes them as bad omens. But what exactly are? I think that they are vehicles for transport to BOB from one place to another, in the moments that leaves Leland in peace. When Leland dies, a light in the forest reaches an OWL, It opens its wings in welcome; clear, water.
  • THE FATE OF LAURATwin Peaks has a happy ending, After all. In effect, at the end of the film we can see how Laura is the road to the white lodge (represented by an angel) with the help of Cooper. Though the well had left it and was doomed long (somehow she let it kill), and the angels disappeared from your pictures (This is a visual metaphor), Finally finds peace.
  • THE FATE OF COOPER: Much worse has poor Coop. We know that in the lodge there is the past and the future, as stated so in the scrapped script of the film, but that all temporary lines occur at the same time. In the dream of Cooper we see this old. Laura tells Cooper in the film: “inside 25 years we will see”. What these two things? That Cooper will remain an instrument of evil even within 25 years. In addition, a detail, has the hair greying as Leland.
  • THE LOG LADY LENO: Are you crazy Lady Leño, This rare neighbor of Twin Peaks? Do you speak with your log? Because, Lords, Lady Leno is the only one that is capable of seeing beyond in this village. We know that her husband died long ago. Now pay attention to another of the deaths in the series: that of Josie. When dies (of fear, supposedly), his spirit is clearly trapped in a wooden cabinet. Not could it have happened with the husband of Lady Leno?.
  • MISSING A LETTER:According to Cooper, BOB is trying to spell your name backwards, as a firm for their murders (T-R-E-B-O-R). Leland/BOB is putting letters under the nails of their victims. We have T Teresa, Laura R and B of Maddy. But we need the E. Which makes us suspect that there was another murder. The E was probably a finger of the other girl, of coma… or perhaps the suicide of Harold Smith was not such. And if they had looked under the fingernails of Harold? What had been found?.

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