Twin Peaks was premiered on the ABC network on Sunday 8 de abril de 1990 to the 21.00. The scenario is a small fictional town in the American Northwest, just called Twin Peaks, or twin peaks in translation. It is located in the State of Washington, close to the city of Seattle and the Canadian border. The place that served as a model and in which were filmed outside of the program, Snoqualmie Falls is called. Twin Peaks is a picturesque rural community whose usual tranquility is shaken one morning when the body mutilated and wrapped in plastic of Laura Palmer is discovered on the shores of the Lake (Sheryl Lee), a young woman of 17 very popular in the area years. To investigate the crime becomes the agent of the FBI, Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan). Cooper is Mystic, introspective and somewhat eccentric: e.g. you are telling all their movements to a portable recorder called Diane, and it is not clear if he is talking with its secretariat or with itself. In the course of the investigation, Cooper will be guided through dreams or a “Tibetan method” which consists of throwing stones to certain objectives. Dale comes from working in a similar case in a nearby area, Hence, it manages to find a letter “B” embedded under one of the fingers of Laura. Little after another young woman, Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine) appears wandering in apparent shock railroad tracks. Is also a letter, the “T”, in one of his fingers. Inquiries continue and Cooper has the collaboration of the taciturn local sheriff Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean): the chemistry between the two is almost instantaneous and become great friends. Cooper moved to the great northern Hotel, owned by corrupt businessman Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer).

Once initiated inquiries both Cooper as the viewer enter a varied fauna of extravagant characters and an intricate web of intrigue, plots and adulterous relationship, own perhaps shows such as Dallas and dynasty but that passes by the surreal and experimental sieve Lynch formed a single result. The adoption of this style was first appearing little by little, in some details isolated to go deeper with the passage of the episodes. A narrative of the linear and a particular visual language made it difficult to accept for the unsuspecting Viewer, but once trapped in the complex development is not easy to deviate from its mystery. The atmosphere also found support in the climatic music composed by Angelo Badalamenti, Head of Lynch musicalizador.

Who killed Laura Palmer?

This question was the engine of the program during the eight episodes of the short initial season and much of the second. The hectic social life of Laura did fall suspicions in several directions: Laura had relations with the Moody and rebellious Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) and with the melancholic biker James Hurley (James Marshall). He was also treated with exotic psychiatrist Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) and had been seen in “One-eyed Jack” (One-eyed Jack in the original), a brothel-casino Web site on the Canadian side, whose owner was also Ben Horne. On the other hand, Cooper and Truman found her diary and discovered that you consuming cocaine. Autopsy, carried out by the coroner of FBI Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) confirmed this. Rosenfield had serious problems with Truman because of his petulance and contempt. Tracks appear but the peculiar methods of Cooper are discarding possibilities: Bobby, James and Dr. Jacoby are free. Meanwhile, you will reach the city Laura premium, Madeline Ferguson (also Sheryl Lee) that has the same factions of the deceased and becomes a friend of James and Donna Heyward (Lara Flynn Boyle), at the same time the best friend of Laura. Leland Palmer (Ray Wise), the dead girl's father, It is prey to an attack of nerves during the funeral and released to the Tomb together with his daughter. His character undergoes large changes, alternating periods of great depression with others that is given for singing like Frank Sinatra and dance like Fred Astaire at the least opportune moments: Leland was the lawyer of the company of Horne. Also, one morning he appears completely gray hair. On the other hand, the mother of Laura, Sarah (Grace Zabriskie), He is an inveterate smoker and after the death of his daughter begins to have spooky visions. Cooper, in both, It has a vivid dream where he sees himself in a room with red drapes, where is Laura and a dwarf dancer, as mentioned in the credits “Little Man From Another Place” (Michael J. Anderson). Laura whispers in the ear of Cooper the name of his killer, but this can't remember it when awake even though he knows that the key lies in finding a manco man (The Strobel) that it can provide vital information. Appears the manco, who is Philip Gerard, a traveling shoe salesman. His first interrogation do not give results sastisfactorios but then discovered that his houses to Mike, an avenging spirit. Other part that comes into play is provided by the Lady Margaret Lanterman, an apparently deranged woman who load with a leno continuously between your arms, by what is known as “Lady Leno” (The Log Lady, Catherine E. Coulson). His statements, based on what the trunk “tells”, they lead to the scene of the crime, involving Jacques Renault (Walter Olkewicz), employee of “One-eyed Jack”. You see that on the fateful night Laura and Ronette were at the home of Renault. There was found a Blackbird named Waldo, You can say the name of the assassin. Bird, However, He was killed-shot through a window while he was in the sheriff's office. Renault is also a drug dealer: He was wounded during his capture and murdered in the hospital by Leland, It gave for the fact that he had killed his daughter. The first season ends when a mysterious figure knocks on the door of the room of Cooper and balea in stomach, at the end of the eighth chapter, issued the 24 may of 1990. At the opening of the second phase, Cooper sees a giant in your room (CAREL Struycken) that gives you cryptic clues to the death of Laura and gets his ring. The successive appearances of the giant are funneled through a very old and senile man who works in the hotel (Hank Worden).

After the recovery of the agent continues the research in “One-eyed Jack” where Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn), the daughter of Horne is kidnapped, When trying to find something on your own. Dale gets then rescue her. The giant warns Cooper that the murderer is acting again and indeed Madeline Ferguson appears dead shortly after. In subsequent advances Cooper gets to read the secret diary of Laura, discovers that she had the same dream that he and remember the name that she had musitado him. Like this, It simulates arrrestar Horne as if it were the culprit that Leland officiate as his lawyer and once in prison releases Palmer inside the cell. It turned out that Leland was possessed by Killer Bob (Frank Silva), an evil and murderous spirit that enjoys terrorizing others, Haunted weather by Mike, the spirit hosted by El Manco. To be captured, Bob abandons the body of Leland, but not before his death cause. While Palmer tormented dies in the arms of Dale to be aware of the atrocities that had been committed involuntarily, Killer Bob enters the forest waiting for entering a new body. This dramatic conclusion took place in the seventeenth chapter, transmitted the 1 December of 1990.

Once the crime resulelto, Cooper prepares to leave the village, Although not without regret, Since had fallen in love with the place, his irresistible coffee and his cherry pie, I used to enjoy in the bar “Double R”, run by Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton). In addition, Audrey had offered him their love, which rejected. However, because of his unauthorized incursion into the Canada for rescuing her, Cooper begins an internal investigation of the FBI, driven by the agent Roger Hardy (Clarence Williams III), seconded by the Canadian Mounted Police officer Preston King (Gavan or ’ Herlihy). The indictment includes possible drug trafficking and thus adds to research a curious DEA agent, the transvestite Dennis/Denise Bryson (David Duchovny). He/she can help discover that such allegations were part of a plot hatched by Jean Renault (Michael Parks) in order to avenge the death of his brother, It accepts responsibility for the Cooper. During this period, Dale attended the solidarity of his superior, the Regional head of the FBI, Gordon Cole (David Lynch), deaf as a tapia: Although he wears two hearing aids must be screaming with all the voices that you hear something. Also, the Commissioner Truman named him Cooper Twin Peaks Sheriff when this they withdrew its license of the FBI. This conflict also left behind, but another who had been hinting took the central knot of the program: the reappearance of Windom Earle (Kenneth Welsh), ex-companero of Cooper in the FBI. Visibly distraught, Cooper tells the story to Truman: long ago Cooper and Earle were together on a mission which had to protect a beautiful lady who had to testify in a major trial. Cooper and the girl fell in love and a night, Thanks to an oversight of Dale, She was murdered. The wife was Caroline Powell Earle (Brenda E. Mathers), the spouse of Windom. It was then that Earle went mad and was interned in a mental hospital, vowing vengeance on Cooper. But now, Earle has escaped and comes after Dale. Cooper described it as a prodigious mind, a methodical man, brilliant and relentless. Master of disguise, on several occasions he walks through Twin Peaks undetected. To haunt Cooper, Earle began a macabre game of chess with him publishing your moves in the press. Whenever you take a piece, someone dies. At the same time, a succession of paranormal events are gaining prominence: concepts are incorporated as the cave of the OWL (OWL Cave), The white flag (White Lodge) and the black flag (Black Lodge). The cave of the OWL is a kind of portal that leads to both pavilions: the white flag is a light site, nest of goodness and virtue, While in the black Pavilion lies the essence of evil and perversion. These places are located in the woods surrounding Twin Peaks. In addition, Cooper returns to fall in love when he meets Annie Blackburn (Heather Graham), the sister of Norma Jennings, that it has returned to the city after having been otherwise in a convent after a suicide attempt.

Alternating voltage between the search for pavilions, the deadly chess of Windom and the relationship between Dale and Annie, the series reaches its climax in the final chapter (episode 30, 17 of June of 1991): the real purpose of Earle is to take over control of the black flag, the location of which has already been discovered, and so dominate the world with their evil. Then he kidnaps Annie and takes her there. Also Cooper and Truman are directed to the site to rescue them. Cooper enters and meets with Laura, Leland and Killer Bob. This evil spirit had originated there, While the giant and the dwarf, who had collaborated with Cooper are representatives of the white Pavilion. Bob enters the body of Earle and attacking Cooper, that is confronted with the dark side of his own soul. Earle dies and the spirit of Bob again is free. The image is then moved to room of Cooper in the hotel with a chilling scene, a controversial and unexpected conclusion, only comparable to the end of the series the prisoner by his inconvencionalidad: the spirit of Bob has taken over the body of Cooper and smiling wildly cries out for Annie.

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