He began its era of experimental shorts, as it happens in the life of any director: “Six Men Getting Sick” (1967), “The Alphabet” (1968), “Grandmother”(1970) and “The amputee”(1974). Amazing short films that didn't do anything other than, demonstrate the different concerns that tormented and what will identify their works. But his true professional stage began recently in Los Angeles, When films “Eraserhead” ( erasing head -1976) with his faithful friend Jack Nance. A shocking film in black and white. Based on own and irrational elements. Those unexplained elements would appear sooner or later as curses of their unconscious.

While filming, performed various jobs to survive. He developed his facility for craftwork (carpentry, plumbing). Already manifested his passion for design and manufacture of furniture. At the end of the ’ 70, He signed contract with the producer of Mel Brooks in London “The Elephant Man” ( The elephant man -1980) with Anthony Hopkins in the role of a doctor willing to treat horrific malformations of a poor man (John Hurt) in the cruel Victorian era. In the ’ 80 film received 8 nominations for an Oscar but did not win any. The worst disaster of his career came here, with “Dune”(1984), an epic futuristic as, in the TV version, He refused to sign as a director and appeared with the shameful “Alan Smithee”. The criticism was relentless and shameful, the response from viewers was not less, It's a film based on the novel by Frank Herbert.

Lynch continued and joined as a cartoonist at the Los Angeles Reader newspaper, with his strip “The angriest dog in the world on”. An acid and sarcastic vision of the society, It was published from 1983 up to 1992.

Four paintings that were repeated “always” and where only I changed the text. A collaboration that lasted almost 9 years and that it functioned as a powerful way to escape his inner rage.

The illustrations are always the same, and a legend on the left always reads as follows: "The dog that is so furious that he cannot move. Can not eat. Can't sleep. He simply knows Growl, so very tense and furious that it is approaching the State of rigor mortis."

Lynch qualifies as perverse because the humor in the Strip is based, According to the, in the sorry state of unhappy people and poverty. The four pictures including balloons with observations by the young (invisible) account, Sylvia, Pete and Billy of the family which is located in the interior of the House.

In terms of the direction of movies, After the failure with "Dune", was proposed to do something "you", He introduced in his film spanking and sex; fetishism and verbal violence; vicious faces and murders; superb performances and drugs. The surprising “Blue Velvet” ( Blue Velvet -1986) It was the huge tremor that needed the industry. Dennis Hooper, Isabella Rosselini and Kyle MacLachlan, they were the protagonists of a love triangle that suffered the obsessions, passions and delusions of a sick but hard to finish relationship. The film visually punished and was however successful in European festivals, which meant to Lynch a new success. It would follow the short, “The Cowboy and the Frenchman”( the cowboy and the Frenchman -1989), that it served as warm-up for his film with Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern (Blue Velvet). The result was explosive. “Wild at Heart”( Wild at heart -1990) It won the Palme d'Or as best film in Cannes and its name “David Lynch” returned to shine .

Together with Angelo Badalamenti, with who had befriended from Blue Velvet, released album. They also created “Industrial Symphony No. 1”, within the framework of the "Festival of the new age" (founded by musicians: Laurie Andreson and David Byrne).

Lynch needed to create something new, so when the TV series born “Twin Peaks” a soap opera in which consists of 30 episodes and the main thread that moves it is to know who killed Laura Palmer.

In 1990 He began the issuance of "Twin Peaks" in Spain, preceded by a huge success in the U.S., and in all the countries that had begun to issue or was at issue in those moments. Tele5, It turned on it as his series star during the three seasons in which it was issued. During this period, between 1990 and 1992, the series remained among the programs most viewed, After winning numbers Awards( even the advertising campaign of Tele5, He won several awards in various advertising festivals).

The series was directed by several people (among the creators of the series, David Lynch and Mark Frost, or the actress Diane Keaton), and interpreted by an excellent group of actors, most of them unknown before the series and star today (Joan Chen, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sheryl Lee…), Others were already known (Kyle MacLachlan, Piper Laurie…), not to say that it was the first appearances on people like Heather Graham screen, David Duchovny or the own David Lynch.

Twin Peaks is full of symbolism (usual thing in the Lynch World) and knowing use television, Since on the small screen, you can use it repeatedly, reaching a dimension far greater.

He came to becoming successful series, but after the second season was cancelled in the United States (by the American channel ABC). Also this time the explanation was clear, the reason given was that it was "Very absurd" or that it was not its taste since it was difficult to "follow thread", so he decided to end the series with the subsequent film "Twin Peaks: "Fire Walk with Me" (1992), He did not move as with episodes but could at least satisfy those who could not learn the final outcome, or the origin of certain characters. In "Twin Peaks : "Fire Walk with Me" ( fire walk with me) It shows us the life of Laura Palmer. She was actually moving, like all his films, between the past and the future, draw some mysteries, creating others and keeping alive the interest by the saga.

“On the Air” (1992), TV series of six episodes in Spain has only been seen on channel + and according to Lynch: "the ABC chain became only issue three and changed order" being 7 episodes.

After their truncated series “Hotel Room”(1993), It encouraged Peck in other areas seeking answers. Many painting days and exhibitions. Even in the known Gallery "Leo Castelli", where you only get the “large”. Its popularity as a successful director opened the doors of a world that pays very well:, advertising, will be another alternative way to express themselves. One that will also provide money quickly. Perfumes, video clips, sports brands, cars.

But he lived not only advertising and painting, and while filming a story that brought in his head from his years in Philadelphia, ventures into furniture design, passion that never forgets all. It is exposed in the “Salone del Mobile” Milan. It is there, in the exclusive Italian site, where to add a new title to your letter of presentation:, “furniture designer”.

A year later, “Lost Highway” ( 1996-lost Highway) presented in society and a new wave of praise wet their feet. Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette and Robert Blake, they make up this terrifying and violent thriller (for some “a film noir of the 21st century”), that urge in the Freudian surrealism the most secret details of our tormented personality. Thanks to the apotheosis soundtrack, Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor involved among others, is incorporated, to its already large cloud of fans, a twenties audience wanting more tension for their eyes and ears.

People is insatiable. Lynch took a couple of years to give them something to swallow. In that period, he founded his own company, “Picture Factory”. It was also now “Executive producer”. The food arrived. He came from a true story. In a few words, “The Straight Story” (a true story - 1999) is a septuagenario man who decides to visit his sick brother resident at a great distance. How view fails you and has no driver's license, are encouraged to make the trip, driving a lawn mower. As usually happens with independent directors, his works take to convince studies. With “The Straight Story”, Lynch is finally considered by the “establishment” as a director who has reached maturity and has left for the young rebellious behaviors. Disney took a chance with him and ended up pleased. Obviously many of his new fans felt disappointed. The sordid climate vanished, There is no violence, or blood, or sex, or drugs.

Lynch with his face bathed in reliability and security, It claimed that its premise of rebellion was more present than ever in the character of the old Alvin Straight. “It would be wrong to interpret the film as a barometer for my state of mind”, said.

A talented back that is transferred to men with eyedropper, Lynch, the filmmaker and a native artist of mountain, He knows that he should perhaps start again from scratch.

Already in the year 1990 knew that it was “died in life” When he saw his picture on the cover of the magazine “Time”, at that moment, was proposed to rethink his career.

Later he made "dumbland" (2000) It is a very simple animation with black outlines and the white background, absurd context, This animated short le cost so much because, According to the, cost 60 hours of work to do just 3 minutes of the drawings, In addition two or three days it took to blend, the same, to all the voices for animation.

Two years later he made "rabbits" (2002), a fixed camera that focuses on three people dressed in costumes giant rabbit, in a room stale, decorated cheap, very occasionally with cryptic dialogues (the rest of the time are silent), with the typical soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti to Lynch's films, (I mean, minimalist and overwhelming), and canned laughter.

Can only be seen online at their official website, and paying, consists of 8 chapters of some 6 minutes each. In it, four of the main characters of “Mulholland Drive” three members of a family of rabbits is interpreted. Naomi Watts is one of the roles, Scott Coffey other, and Laura Harring and Rebekah del Rio , turns the last paper.

In the 2002 premiered "Mulholland Drive". The project was, originally, the pilot episode of a TV series for ABC that could have led to the return to the small screen in David Lynch after Twin Peaks. But the broadcaster decided to not continue with the series and the pilot episode was never issued.

Director of photography Peter Deming is (Scream 3 and Scream 2, Music of the heart) and the music is composed by Angelo Badalamenti , again more, It is also involved in the film.

It was awarded by the society of critics of the United States and by the New York critics circle.

Was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2001 where David Lynch won the Palme d'Or for best director.

He was also a candidate for the Oscar 2002 al mejor director.

It won the Independent Spirit Award 2002 best photography.

In "Mulholland Drive" Lynch brings everything what he liked from his previous films and plasma them, as their red curtains, Dwarf, phones, dreams that confuse us with realities, Flash back, disturbing and overwhelming music, sex, Mystery, violence, Follies, abstraction, personality changes ( as in "Lost Highway"), and above all that personality that characterizes him in all his films.

In Cannes corresponding to 2005, the filmmaker announced that for a year had been rolling in Poland, using digital techniques, his last film. The film, entitledINLAND EMPIRE (uppercase) It is almost a compendium of this audacious and disturbing director cinema since its inception. History, twisted and with pesadillescos dyes, develops multi-level plot intermingled, without ever clarifying the logical links between them. It abounds in first flat Expressionists (especially the troubled Laura Dern), the sound is distorted and surround, and the special effects together with numerous comico-grotescas scenes containing produce a great visual impact. The cast of the film includes regular players as the aforementioned Lynch Laura Dern, Harry Dean Stanton, and the star ofMulholland Drive Naomi Watts, a cameo by Justin Theroux(supposedly one of the actors dressed as rabbits in the series of the same name), in addition to the stellar performance of the British Jeremy Irons, and the participation of the Mexico-American Laura Harring at the end of the film. Lynch described the film as “a mystery about a woman stuck in great difficulties". Debuted in December of 2006, having raised so far among the critics, as on the occasion of recent feature films of the director, many comments and opposing views.

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