Lynch describes his works as:

“I would rather kill myself to make a film in which I don't have the last word on the final outcome. I started as a painter, in the school of fine arts, but one day was in front of a painting and I seemed to see something moved in the. Since then I try to combine sound and images in the best possible way”.

“Some say that the public does not want to think, but she prefers to give you already chewed things. That are bullshit. Love people think. We're all detectives, We have ability to pay attention and draw our own conclusions. And that is really good”.

“Important dreams are that you have when you're awake, Since when you sleep you don't control them. I like to immerse myself in a world of dreams that I've built or discovered; a world that I choose”.

“Sometimes I fall in love of an idea and try to turn it into film, in the same way that a painter can suggest ideas that want to capture on canvas. It is a very pleasant personal experience, and you always expect that others feel the same as you”.

“Amnesia seems somehow to the interpretation: a good actor gives up its own identity and becomes another person. Everybody, even I, He wants to get lost and into a new world. The film gives you the opportunity”.

The life of David Lynch is not dam of psychotic obsessions than his characters make gala. Three marriages, two children and a deep fascination for everything that has to do with the Mecca of cinema make it a nothing controversial character in the strange universe of Hollywood." In fact I think I'm a pretty boring guy. For eight years I've eaten at the same site, a small local Los Angeles."

Lynch is a director who typically tells stories of suspense with an extremely strange content that has played all kinds of aesthetic or subgenre when it comes to tell their stories and dramatic (Gore, road-movies, musical, erotic, etc.).

Aesthetics in this pintor-director is of great importance, but not only is shown by colors but that it becomes apparent to an atmosphere by decorating, costumes, makeup, The physiognomy of the actors and even music has enough plastic component.

After passing through art schools, in 1965 Lynch and a friend, Jack Fisk, they traveled to Europe to study with the expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg, Austria. They traveled to Paris, and finally to Athens, Greece, but returned to the United States to the 15 days. “I didn't like Europe,” ensures. “I thought all the time, Here is where I'm going to paint. And there was no kind of inspiration there for the kind of work I wanted to do. […] I had the intention of staying for three years. On the other hand, I was 15 days! I remember lying in a basement in Athens with lizards who climbed the walls, and I thought that it was to 7.000 miles of McDonalds!”

Lynch is an artist who needs to see his work in motion. But his films hide us something disturbing. That something is displayed gradually throughout the film through a road going through both characters and viewers. All the beautiful and quiet are reality masks and David Lynch will be releasing one to one. Don't want to give to understand with this pessimistic vision of reality, but see it as a whole. In this way, we can discover the vices, phobias, mysteries and cruelties that contains society, in particular the American.

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