Emission in Spain

First season

  • 10 November of 1990: The beginning. It begins to appear in the newspapers an enigmatic news: “Laura Palmer was murdered”.
  • 11 November of 1990: the same news appears, but with some more information: “Laura Palmer was murdered. No one knows who killed her”.
  • 12 November of 1990: This time the news is: “Laura Palmer was murdered. Everyone asks who killed it”.
  • 13 November of 1990: The latest news: “Laura Palmer was murdered. There is only one track: We know where his body was found. Discover it tomorrow”.
  • 14 November of 1990: The newspapers announced the issuance of Twin Peaks in Telecinco, the new private channel owned by Silvio Berlusconi. “If you don't see Twin Peaks tomorrow, after tomorrow will not know that all talk.” At the time, Tele 5 only aired for Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla.
  • 15 November of 1990: The pilot episode airs. Audience: 3.338.000 (57,6% share).
  • 16 November of 1990: Episodes 1 and 2. Audience: 2.309.000 (46,9%).
  • 22 November of 1990: Episodes 3 and 4. Audience: 2.553.000 (52,3%).
  • 23 November of 1990: Episodes 5 and 6. Audience: 2.357.000 (47,7%).
  • 24 November of 1990: Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson) visit Spain and it is interview in Telecinco, speaking about the recording of the series, the other characters of the series and David lynch.
  • 29 November of 1990: the last episode of the first season is broadcast (episode 7), with an audience of 2.424.000 spectators (50,3%). Telecinco announces that this is the last chapter, What causes a barrage of calls collapsing the switchboard. Angry people, he wouldn't ask who was the killer of Laura.
  • 30 November of 1990: Telecinco emits a two-hour special entitled “The keys to Twin Peaks”. Filmmaker José Luis Garci analyses throughout the documentary the keys of the first season of the series and speculates on the enigmas and the tracks of the same.
  • 1 December of 1990: Rappel predicts that the murderer of Laura Palmer is Andy.


Second season

  • 11 December of 1990: A newspaper advances holders who the murderer of Laura Palmer.
  • 28 February's 1991: summary of an episode airs 7 first episodes.
  • 1 March of 1991: Pilot episode of the second season. Audience: 46,8 %. Telecinco announced that according to David Lynch, It could issue the last episode with a different ending than the American broadcast of the series.
  • 3 March of 1991: Julee Cruise canta en Madrid, during the celebration of the first anniversary of Telecinco.
  • 5 March of 1991: Twin Peaks hearing descends into a 25%.
  • 7 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 9.
  • 8 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 10.
  • 13 March of 1991: “Music from Twin Peaks / Angelo Badalamenti” placed the No. 1 of the list of Spanish sales.
  • 14 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 11.
  • 15 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 12.
  • 21 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 13 and a special story “Who killed Laura palmer?”, with interviews with David Lynch, and actors of the series.
  • 22 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 14 with an audience of the 32,4%. The ads during the broadcast of Twin Peaks are already 3 mill of pesetas (18.000€) by 20 seconds, a 50% more than at any other time.
  • 23 March of 1991: Harry Going (Andy Brennan), Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) and Russ Tamblyn (Dr. Lawrence Jacoby) travel to Madrid to pick up the award to Twin Peaks to the best foreign series.
  • 28 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 15. Telecinco announced that they have chosen to issue the same resolution on the killer of Laura Palmer to to continue broadcasting the series rsto (Here issued as season 3), Since this is in line with the killer of Laura is Leland.
  • 29 March of 1991: Chapter is issued 16.
  • 4 April of 1991: Chapter is issued 17.
  • 5 April of 1991: Chapter is issued 18, with an audience of the 24,4% share.
  • 11 April of 1991: Chapter is issued 19 (last of the season second in Spain).


Third season

  • 16 September of 1991: an episode summary of the previous two seasons is issued.
  • 17 September of 1991: episodes are broadcast 20 and 21
  • 23 September of 1991: episodes are broadcast 22 and 23
  • 24 September of 1991: episodes are broadcast 24 and 25
  • 30 September of 1991: episodes are broadcast 26 and 27
  • 1 October of 1991: episodes are broadcast 28 and 29 (final chapter).



  • January of 1993: Once Telecinco has been established throughout the Spanish territory, Decides to repeat the broadcast of Twin Peaks a new advertising campaign begins Sunday 17 January: “Returns the scariest crime”. On this occasion, Telecinco does not emit double episodes. The issue extends between the 19 in January of 1993 and the 27 in August of the same year (including quite a few changes of schedule and intermittent disappearance of the chain grate).

Extracted from David Lynch and Twin Peaks zone