Frases y citas de David Lynch

“The mystery is what I love, It is the magnetism of life, and I find it wonderful to know that most things we know nothing whatever.”

“The only thing I can say is that my doctor has recommended me to not think about it”. (answer the question “How would define David Lynch what lynchian?”)

“Ideas dictate everything, you have to be faithful to that, or you're dead”.

“All my films are about strange worlds, worlds that you could never go unless you build them and play them in a film. That is what really matters I films to me: go to increasingly strange worlds”.

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“Death in my mind is not a purpose. There is a continuous: It is like at night, going to sleep and during the day you wake up, or when you wake up, and it's a new day”.

“You have to be willing to give into the abstract world. We must want to get lost in it. If not, you will have the feeling of frustration”.

“Nonsense is what I like most in life. If you see a man repeatedly hit against a wall to bleed, After a time they make you laugh because it becomes nonsense”.

“I want to know that it lies behind the clean facades, After the curtains of houses, explore the winding nooks and crannies of existence. I am like a detective who uncovers what others hide. And it is this world of today is not a wonderful place as they say. It is not the brightest dream”.

“Important dreams are that you have when you're awake”.

“There are people that films that are like and there are people who like films that leave space for the Viewer to dream. I like those that allow to dream. Intellectual understanding has no more importance than the ability to dive into each scene separately. I love fall in love with an idea and see how it becomes cinema, What is doing with this idea the filming process”.

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