Deleted scenes

In August of 1992, premiered the film Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me. Although it is a masterpiece in its original form, many peakers felt shortchanged because their favorite characters from the TV series did not appear in the film. What many people don't know is that there is evidence that the majority of regular actors from the series came to Washington State for the filming of the movie. We see that the final footage of the film was too extensive and decided to cut nearly 2 hours of film.

In March of the 2000, New Line DVD approached David Lynch to ask him if he would approve those deleted scenes to come out to light to be included on the DVD of fire walk with me going to launch. David Lynch gave its approval, but only if those scenes were included as extra material, and only if he could edit, assemble and sound to each of the scenes so they would have the same quality as the movie. Then, Lynch personally chose the scenes he wanted that they editasen on the DVD. In April of the 2000, He gathered a team to edit these scenes as short of Twin Peaks. The total duration of these scenes was estimated on 1 time. Just before you get to work, New Line asked Lynch to wait until they were resolved pending legal problems with the rights owner.

In December of 2001, New Line took the decision not to include the deleted scenes, and edit the DVD without the extra material that Lynch had chosen for this release. Since then shy there have been movements to achieve the edition of these scenes, but for the moment there has been no result.

Some of the deleted scenes from the film are as follows:

  • Sheriff Harry Truman dancing with Josie Packard
  • The birthday party of Johnny Horne
  • Extended version of the scenes with Phillip Jeffries
  • The parents of Bobby Briggs reading the Bible
  • Dr. Hayward performing magic tricks
  • Laura Palmer visiting Dr. Jacoby
  • Scenes in the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department (Are Lucy and Andy)
  • Scenes at the gas station of the great Ed
  • A fight between Chester Desmond and Sheriff Cable
  • A scene with Cooper and Sam Stanley in Stanley's apartment
  • A scene with Ed and Norma love in Ed truck
  • Some scenes that take place after the final episode of the series that wraps the agent Cooper and Annie Blackburn.
  • A scene in which appears the Secretariat of Cooper, Diane and also scenes in off.
  • Dell Mibbler and Pete Martell discussing 2×4’ s
  • Phillip Jeffries in the Black Lodge

There was a website dedicated to ask for the edition of the deleted scenes, but it disappeared along with geocities network. You can visit your page on facebook to support the cause.