• The soil of the Black Lodge is similar to having the home of Henry in erasing head.
  • Lara Flynn Boyle (Donna in the TV series) does not appear in the film because of nude scenes that should be. It was replaced by Moira Kelly.
  • In most versions of the film certain sequences are subtitled – in the night club where the music drowns out dialogue and when the characters talk back – but not in the British version. Apparently, David Lynch changed his mind so often as to whether subtitles should be included or not, When took a final decision, British retailers had already made all copies (No subtitles) and could not afford to do more.
  • Robert Engels says that the screenplay he wrote with Lynch is much longer than the version that appeared in the cinemas. He warns that there are enough story for a sequel. As in other Lynch films, There are approximately five hours of footage made. In many of the scenes which ended up excluded from the movie are characters from the TV series who finally did not appear in the final footage. These include:
    • Sheriff Harry Truman sings to his girlfriend, Josie Packard.
    • Johnny Horne birthday party.
    • The parents of Bobby Brigg reading the Bible.
    • Doc Hayward doing magic tricks.
    • A fight scene between the agent of the FBI, Chester Desmond and Sheriff Cable.

Data obtained from IMDB