I not be master Lynch that films which have, When I see for the second or third time I caught lots of nuances and details that had previously let slip. I happened to fire walk with me, but it also happened with Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and a true story. I don't even have the Twin Peaks series but I can not resist the temptation of enjoying this wonderful film that combines all the elements lynchianos that I love: the peculiar humor of the director (as in the scene in which to Kiefer Sutherland dropped coffee over), eroticism (essential part in the work of Lynch, It is delicious and grotesquely in the pub scene), the palpable suspense in each sequence (enhanced by Badalamenti always sublime music) and terror, was it Munch in fire walk with me from all its pores.

It is a horror atmosphere and symbolism. There are plenty of scenes in the movie that get me the creeps, they are really breathtaking, as the scene when Killer Bob enters through the window of the room of Laura or when this see you in the House, looking for your journal, under fan….that fear!! In addition to these moments of absolute terror, I'd like to highlight a scene from the film beautiful, a sample of the absolute domain of David Lynch in the mixture of image and sound. It is the part that reads Sherill( that incidentally, This excellent) enters the bar “Bang, Bang” and on stage there is a woman reciting a beautiful song that causes tears of Laura. It is a unique moment, that makes me remember other scenes in Lynch's filmography, as the Spanish version of the ‘ crying’ in Mulholland Drive, or Blue Velvet in the eponymous film.

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