• The role of Dr. Yueh was first offered to John Hurt, and the Gurney to Aldo Ray.
  • David Lynch has a cameo as a collector of spice in the scene in which Leto and Kynes come to the rescue of the gatherers who are being besieged by a worm.
  • In 1987 in the American television aired a montage of three hours and seven minutes, showing a longer prologue done voice-overs for several sequences removed in previous Assembly. It is now easy to find on DVD. In 1992 another version was made, combining images of both previous versions, projecting in a television network of San Francisco. It was rumored that there was a primitive version of six hours, but seems to be a legend. Originally from Lynch intended encompassed three-hour long, Although the filmed footage reached some five.
  • David Lynch denied the mounting of 1987, being accredited the script as Judas Booth. The name is a combination of Judas, the man who betrayed Christ, and John Wilkes Boothe, Lincoln Assassin. As director resorted to the relieved Alan Smithee.
  • Kyle MacLachlan had read four times in his youth Dune, which it regarded as a Bible.
  • The scene of the death of Thufir Hawat does not appear in any of the two versions of the film, but in the (Super) written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz comic adaptation, and published in 1985 by Comics Forum in Spain.
  • The novel had a new adaptation on the Dune TV mini-series, the legend (Dune, 2000), John Harrison); followed you the also mini-series Children of Dune (2003), of Greg Yaitanes, He adapted the novels Dune Messiah and children of Dune.
  • Lynch refused to direct return of the jedi before directing Dune.