Millionaire overproduction of Dino de Laurentiis, that suits the monumental novel by Frank Herbert and that, your premiere, It was a box office and critical failure. Today, However, It is regarded as a cult film. One of the first difficulties of the tape was to compress the original book by Herbert: given its dimensions, This wasn't going to be easy. It was inevitable to delete or alter various characters and situations, as well as simplifying interesting philosophical issues raised in the novel. As well and all, the total duration of the film was of 137 minutes. (Subsequently released a “Director ’ s cut”, of 190 minutes). The result is an epic tape with beautiful images and almost-dreamlike environments, all accompanied by the excellent soundtrack of the Group Toto and special effects of Carlo Rambaldi (include sailors and giant sand worms). Kyle MacLachlan plays an acceptable Paul Atreides (Although it looks very old for that role); Kenneth McMillan Gets a sinister image of the baron Vladimir Harkonnen (his body full of repulsive pustules is a success); and the singer Sting appears as the evil Feyd Rautha Harkonnen (few times, but all with correction). And appearances of characters such as Mentats, the Fremen, the Bene Gesserit, the Harkonnen soldiers and members Humanoids of the Guild of navigators are well. For the fans of the original novel, DUNE was a work “infilmable”, For more budget and high technology used in its realization. Released once, It was mercilessly compared with the book, always in search of “blunders” It minimizaran it: For example, the addition of the “Sonic weapon” of the Atreides; isn't the son of Paul and his beloved Chani (Sean Young); the controversial final decision of Paul in marry the Princess Irulan is not displayed (Virginia Madsen); and in the final sequence, away from the novel, She became almost a God to Kwisatz Haderack. Perhaps due to these and other attacks, David Lynch not only denied of this film (coming to apologize publicly!) but that moved away from the genre of science fiction classic forever. Only several years after this film is valued as it deserves. The Sci-Fi Channel premiered, in the year 2000, an ambitious miniseries that failed to overshadow the memory of the version of 1984, Despite the advantages of last 270 minutes and computerized special effects. And it is that the film will always be an important complement to the fans of the classic science fiction: DUNE.

Eduardo Alberto Guzmán Novoa, in Fifth Dimension