• The film is based on the novel of the same title, Lynch read by chance, to ask you opinion about it a friend, the producer Monty Montgomery, since they had their rights. At the end of reading it, Lynch suggested him to make his big-screen adaptation.
  • Before reading the novel, Lynch had three scripts that could not be produced: “Ronnie Rocket”, “Up the Lake” and “One Saliva Bubble”. The three were projects for Dino De Laurentiis but the producer went bankrupt.
  • The main couple are not enamored of the same way in the novel than in the film, where they respond to an idealism of relationships very in the vein of David Lynch, as if your passionate romance was the same as in the films of rebels and romances of the year 50.
  • Marieta in the original book looks like a concerned mother, not a hysterical worried that symbolizes the bad narration witch.
  • Mobster Marcello Santos is mentioned by Marieta Johnnie in the novel, but does not appear in it, While, However, He takes a leading role in the film, causing an effect Domino which leads to the appearance of characters such as Perdita Durango, his sister Juana, the pair of assassins Reggie and Dropshadow, and the jewel in the Crown, that “Angel Dark” It's Bobby Perú. It also causes the disappearance of others, as Johnnie Farragut, which is not killed in the novel.
  • The denouement of the novel and the film are also different, Although initially was as-is in the script, Although Lynch finally decided to modify it already that Samuel Goldwyn Jr., It was the distributor of the film, I hated that final and insisted that David had a different ending.
  • The film's budget was about 10 millions of dollars, quite modest for the time.
  • The film began shooting in the vicinity of Los Angeles (including the large industrial area of the San Fernando Valley) and in New Orleans.
  • The idea of the character played by Nicholas Cage to take a snake skin jacket (in the original book was not so), was the idea of the own Cage. He had bought this jacket in Los Angeles and insisted on it in the film, so the and Lynch were invented the phrase on the jacket as a symbol of their independence and personal freedom.
  • Marlon Brando had worn this jacket on “Snake skin”, of Sydney Lumet.
  • The character of Perdita Durango protaginizo later a film directed by Álex de la Iglesia.
  • David Lynch and Isabella Rosellini (Perdita Durango) They concluded their relationship shortly after the filming of the same.
  • Held a preview in which the public reacted fatal after a scene in which Johnnie Farragut was literally mutilated and castrated, scene that disappeared from the final Assembly. After that experience, David Lynch became a staunch defender of the previews, which hitherto did not appreciate in excess. In his words “Yes “Dune”, It was a failure, It had gone through fifteen previews instead of one single, It could have saved the movie”.
  • The delivery of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes film festival of 1990 was shocking, Since while David Lynch went up to the stage to collect her prize, a section of the public started to whistle and Boo, the other half standing to applaud, and each time with more force and others.
  • Lynch received this award from the hands of Anthony Quinn.

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