It is not the best of Lynch, but still it is a wonder, well above other mythical works.

It is possibly the film more “dirty” David, with numerous touches of Road Movie, that sometimes you remember those old movies of road. Could catalogued within the dramatic genre, but the truth is that not only have these characteristics. Much eroticism, abundant intrigue, shady that is encasillarían in a Thriller, macabre humor in spades… the genre of Lynch is unclassifiable.

Despite being one of their most simple and linear movies, We cannot say that it does not lynchianos moments and so unique and personal touch that makes it different from the rest. All these allusions to the myth of the wizard of Oz I dazzled, including good witch and bad witch, and numerous scenes full of metaphorical symbols. Something that is inseparable from the Lynch film, to a greater or lesser extent.

The music of Angelo Badalamenti, as always, It's great. The entire selection is perfect for every moment, with the aura rock along throughout the film.

On the other hand, the interpretations are all great. I never thought I would say this of Nicolas Cage, Since he has always seemed to me a rather bland actor, and without claw and face of sea bream. But in this film it is great, without a doubt the best role of his I have viewing. Laura Dern also this excellent, as well as the enigmatic Willem Dafoe and Isabella Rossellini pride (that brings its role of Perdita Durango, that myth that both excites me).

As I said earlier, possibly the film more “dirty” by David Lynch. Throughout this trip “Southern”, rocker and crazy on the road, numerous scenes of sex and eroticism (important point in your film, here more pronounced), violence, murky mysteries and murders,etc. And of course, not to mention the humor its house brand. I will never forget the scene of the robbery, in which one of the victims lost his hand and then is how a dog leads in its Maw xDD. It has some fairly strong scenes, very unexpected blow.

Anyway, a beautiful story, the struggle of a wild heart to release their reins and let your spark… the spark of a love whose flame burns more than anything in this world.

By the way, a very nice finish.

Of course, It seems the best of Lynch, far, but choose one of this superb director above all others is a nearly impossible task. Even so, This is film with uppercase. I don't mind the criticism that had this movie, to my touched me.

One more time, the versatility of David Lynch surprised.

Moonlight Shadow, extracted from