Lost Highway , the third masterpiece of Lynch, It is a twist to the universe of erasing head. A new trip to the nightmares of a mind that is losing all contact with reality; but his aesthetic is nice, the scenarios are not distressing an industrial city suburbs, but a comfortable suburb of Los Angeles, and the experiment is more ambitious than the Eraserhead : After the first third of the footage, the film resumes elsewhere with other characters after the protagonist, Fred (Bill Pullman), It has been what the director called a psychogenic fugue and start a new life in the body of the actor Balthazar Getty. A compendium of all the Lynch film: the creation, as in erasing head , Hermetic universe, dense and terrifying of a character in the first part of the film, and in the second the gradual reappearance of this hell in a small town with disturbing characters full of psychoanalytic keys, as in blue velvet. All this yarn with the narrative mastery of an author with twenty years of career behind him: probably the best film of David Lynch.

Jose Antonio Lopez