• Although David Lynch knew the basic premise of the film, began to roll it without a script. He wrote every scene just before roll it.
  • Inland Empire is the name of a residential area located at the edge of the desert, on the outskirts of the city.
  • After the premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Lynch seems (It is not at all clear) He had to retouch the original mounting due to host tibia received the film.
  • One of the unique methods of promotion that David Lynch used was to sit in a large garden located in a suburb of Los Angeles, next to a large poster of the film and a cow, that it was grazing out there quietly, talking to pedestrians approaching to ask or talk to him. In addition to promoting the film, It was thus qu Academy is set in Laura Dern to nominate it for best actress.
  • The movie was filmed with a consumer digital camera, the Sony PD-150.

Data obtained from IMDB and Cineole