The development of this site has been a long and difficult process, and I could not have done it without the following people:

  • Roberto Pérez, who created the first header image for the web.
  • Diego Boscá, by day I put up nothing came of the web, and was nerve.
  • Moises Ferrer, for his friendship and wise counsel.
  • Alejandro Lopez Odin group, for teaching me much of what Joomla.
  • Jordi Arjona, for introducing me to the world Lynchian, al recomendarme ver Mulholland Drive.
  • Laura Valero, for giving me much information about David Lynch.
  • Daniel López (Dale Cooper forum), which he created the second header image for the web.
  • Alex Hernández, webmaster, to collaborate to promote the web and letting me links explanations of Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive.
  • On the web Movie posters for giving me a lot of posters that are hung on the web.
  • On the web Pixel Mixer where I took some icons for web.
  • All who have given me information and data on series, and short films by David Lynch and I have allowed to publish on the web.
  • David Lynch, because without it, this site could not exist. Thank you for making the film somewhat surprising.
  • A ti, for visiting 😉
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