Sure after finishing the last chapter you have fallen wanting more.

I bring some articles that talk about the end of the series.

The cultural distillation apparatus

Throughout my life as I remember with perfect clarity seriéfilo four milestones of uncontrolled brain blasting: The end of The Wire, The end of Breaking Bad, The end of Mad Men and the end of the first season Lost. Cathode lashes swept minutes, hours and weeks after the lowering of the shutter and visible by a state of helplessness, Tempoal a kind of levitation. The last two hours Twin Peaks experienced (the only verb that makes sense) the intense emotional distress recover. Shocked, disorientated, changed, shaken, and hot, very hot, then try to express what has meant the welter of disparate emotions caused by the closure of one of the most momentous fictions of television.

Sónar FM

Lynch reminded us nothing else on TV that resembles with its fascinating creation Mark Frost. A quarter century of cancellation that left fans in suspense all at an ending that clearly suggested things to come, Twin Peaks returned to the small screen with a meditative and complex season, instead of giving in taste followers decided to file a Lynchian vision unfiltered raised questions and mysteries until the last second.


In the chapter 18 this season, the true protagonist of the series, Agent Cooper, traveling along a road of these characteristics. He did his first doppleganger, in the early chapters, and so does the true in the end. Time and space seem to have broken and disorientation of the viewer is maximal, but what is clear is that the new series falls squarely in the realm of the obsessions of the last film David Lynch, Specular his doubles and characters in different dimensions.

the palomitrón

If you've got episode 18 It is because you have decided to enter the world of David Lynch, voluntarily suspend your disbelief and give you a story that will ask yourself more questions than answers. No one would endure such a long season to finish just by giving them intellectual, especially when the pedants have gone to the opposite side and have decided that cool It is criticizing the follower of the series to defend something that does not understand. This parallel dimension must also be work Lynch.