Written by Colombian Sandra Patricia Medina and now available in Spain.

Just a few weeks ago he went on sale the book A mystery called David Lynch, written by Colombian Sandra Patricia Medina. In this case I could get my hands on a copy to analyze (I have had no response from the publisher) so I can only leave you with the review that the author herself has sent me. However, so I read online, seems a good book on Lynch.

A mystery called David Lynch, It is a book that chronicles the life, work and unknown facets of the legendary American director. Where you will find the puzzle pieces that make up the mind of Lynch and why those ideas out of the ordinary that are reflected in his work and other hobbies that are part of everyday life of one of the most original and exquisite film directors seventh art. A trip to the mind of David Lynch, from the point of view of a woman taking her research as a therapy and became a book.

The book is published by Ediciones Rosetta and can in Amazon.