They get to know details of the launch of the third season in physical format.

The next 5 December goes on sale (US, we have no confirmation of the date Spanish yet) the third season of Twin Peaks on Blu-ray. And through the British Board of Film Classification, which is responsible for setting the range of age classification of content in UK, It has leaked of the extra material included.

the following bonus material appears on its website with the duration in brackets.

  • A bloody finger in your mouth (25:43)
  • A pot of boiling oil (36:58)
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers (25:39)
  • I see you on the other side, Dear friend (28:49)
  • Dilo, Martin (27:57)
  • The man with spiky gray hair (28:27)
  • Two blue balls (23:13)

If we add the durations, They are around 3 hours and 15 minutes of extra footage, what must be added that the most likely cast interviews with David Lynch and perhaps other extra materials. That way we could approach the 4 total hours of extras.

Let you win arrives there and this edition!