And we continue with tops, in this case of series intro. Blog Moviespotting He did a ranking of best series headers and, as it could not be otherwise, Twin Peaks has a prominent role in the same. The David Lynch series is supported in the ranking by True Blood, 2 Meters under the ground, House and CSI.

This is the text that Ana Guadalupe Llano, creator of the blog, Describes the intro of Twin Peaks:

The music of Angelo Badalamenti plunges us into an absolute peace as we go through the town of Twin Peaks, its forests, the sawmill, the river and waterfalls. Although the melody is quite soothing, at the same time becomes mysterious. It is difficult to guess what the series just to see your presentation.

Badalamenti has that, When he met David Lynch, the director of the series, to create music, asked “What do you see?” Lynch said “We are in a dark forest. There is a soft breeze blowing through a few Sycamore trees. It is the Moon and fund animal sounds are heard. Also the sound of an OWL is heard and you're in the dark forest. Take me to that beautiful darkness with that gentle breeze.”

The result of this creative work can be seen in the soundtrack of this wonderful series of cult.

Below you can see the wonderful intro of Twin Peaks

Via | Moviespotting.