We echo the launch of a PC game with an atmosphere typical of a David Lynch film.

Lately often happens with many indie games, Lynch drink of the universe and use a setting worthy of his films. Often the creators of the games themselves that have been recognized by Twin Peaks influienciados or some film American director.

This time Cosmo D., The company behind Norwood Suite, He has not said anything like, but you just have to play a game to realize the analogy. It is a surreal adventure first person set in an old hotel where a person you barely know asks you to do a favor.

From something as simple thing begins to unravel: You know the people staying at the hotel, each more colorful than the previous. Even the building itself seems to come alive: change room (as if they were the Red Room of Twin Peaks), physical laws that are not fulfilled (corridors to contradictory directions), or sculptures that move from site convienten in our daily bread.

If you like games that will transport disturbing, at times, of whom Lynch, You need to try The Norwood Suite. The game is available in Steam at the price of 9.99 €.