David Lynch spoke about his love of coffee and its brand of organic coffee in an interview for Vice and sinebargo.mx

In this interview, David tells very curious things, did create his brand of organic coffee, How many cups took before and now take… I leave a couple of extracts:

On the number of cups to coffee making:

About ten. It's true, used to drink twenty, but they were small styrofoam cups. I now drink coffee in big cups.


About how he came to create their brand of coffee:

The truth was not my idea. One day a friend came home and told me: 'David drink so much coffee that you should have your own brand', and one thing led to another. I did many tastings blind. Another friend told me, 'I know some types of Long Beach having the best coffee', but I tried it and it was horrible. So I continued testing different coffees and blends and I ended up choosing this almost every time in the tasting blind.

You can read the full interview in sinembargo.MX

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