Discover the largest exhibition on the work of David Lynch that you will see.

Definitely a must for all Lynchian Silence and Dynamism is the exhibition held in the Center for Contemporary Art Torún (Poland), at the initiative of the Camerimage film festival, It is having a great relationship with David Lynch. This exposure is open to the 18 February and gathers up 400 works created by American director: picture, drawings and photographs.

While it is worth noting that the vast majority of works have no relation to his film work, If there are some references to them. We can meet, For example, with a large glass box like the one in Twin Peaks, a Giant Hologram (at this point we should now call “Firefighter”) inside.

Moisés H. Delgado has visited the exhibition and has done a great article on the same. I leave you with a small excerpt and I invite you to read the whole article as not wasted. You can access the article by clicking here.

Nevertheless, during the tour we have an impression already seen: "Silence and Dynamism" allows us to access its creation from a new perspective that each visitor will draw greater or lesser extent. Visitors to the exhibition will find that many of the oddities he had seen in his films are represented in these works plastics before or after its filmic exponents: sometimes as main theme, others as simply more difficult to discover details. Perhaps not enter the justifications David Lynch reduced to the obvious: "I like to photograph factories and women. They are my main inspiration '. As much as we strive much more, among others: mysterious machines, floating members, homes threatened, fire, scenarios and curtains, numbers, weapons, abandoned buildings, High voltage towers, bodies of more or less complete woman, dances and, for granted, many dreams (rather nightmares).