The next 26 January in Barcelona.

Educate your look is a film school that advocates think the images in depth, emphasizing the connections between works, authors and various fields of knowledge to enrich the focus on film.

The next day 26 January seminar held in Barcelona: “David Lynch: extrañamiento, beauty and excitement ". I leave you with more information on it:

The artistic dimension of David Lynch has transcended the strictly cinematic, becoming an aesthetic category itself: the Lynchian. His films are enigmatic, strange and disturbing. Their worlds of images and sounds subvert our sense of reality, sublimating our senses by filmic experiences near lysergic trip, the world of dreams or ecstasy rite: tragic cries, rending cries, Rampant and dances splits impossible identity. Follow his trail of fire, desire and tears. Welcome to the universe David Lynch s.

Enrich the look on film, creating bridges between texts, works and authors from various fields (literature, philosophy, cinema, science and arts). The session is complemented by carefully selected scenes that reinforce research and encourage participation and discussion.

• Show what is not: Lynch reinvents the silence.
• Duality integration: overcoming opposites.
• The soundtrack Total: pop song to hum primordial.
• The beauty of the dark and decadent.
• “True love”: I love and hate in the universe Lynch.
• The reverse of reality.

Javier Urrutia: philosopher and theoretical literary.
Javier Trigales: screenwriter and film critic.

You can see more info and matricularos from 40 € in the following link