Early analysis of the final chapter of the series.

While analyzing Javier J arrives. Valencia, I leave you with a couple of analysis in chapter 16 of Twin Peaks.

Guilty Bit

The return of Twin Peaks was not really what was expected. In fact, David Lynch expect some not meet the director and his work. Soon he could see that the new season would not keep anything I counted in the original series. Well, say nothing is overstating, but I'm sure you will agree that it is very different. He is likely to lean more on the film Fire Walk With Me in the series itself. Fortunately, in the criticism of Twin Peaks 3 x 16 you can read that episode is really expecting all fans who saw at the time the series 90.

The cultural distillation apparatus

In the sixth Tenth Sunday raised. I'll be honest, the end had doubts that it were to occur, infected by the foreboding sign of my environment, but David Lynch He has slightly twisted his forelock to fan service and finally we have witnessed around DALE COOPER.