You can see it in Madrid and also through internet.

Susanita's Little Gallery presents the exhibition “The Lynch Universe”, in which 20 US artists, Spain, France, Japan and the UK have developed 30 inspired works of all kinds in the films of David Lynch. Techniques have been used as sculpture, acrylic, gouache, oil, cut cardboard…

We can stand out from all the work of Steve Casino on Blue Velvet made with peanuts treated and painted, or in cardboard diorama surprising Fernando Mircala on Rabbits, the amazing pointillist work of Kodomos that recreate the idealized model of Joseph Merrick with excerpts from the film, the tender sculpture Rafa Toro on The Elephant Man, Miss the riquiña stove Eraserhead painted by Mizna Wada, Agent collage portrait of Mary Cooper PICASSO, sweet portrait of Joseph Merrick by Abigail Larson… the reality is that all are amazing to film buffs in general and the followers of David Lynch in particular.

You can see the exhibition of fitness in Madrid, Bar in Warsaw C / San Andrés 33, Madrid until the 14 from January, and it can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 18:00 up to the 03:00. In addition, You can see all over the Internet on the web Susanita’s Little Gallery. At the end of the news you have a small sample.

Susanita's Little Gallery is an online gallery that began its journey in October 2011. It is also a platform for emerging artists and for more established artists afianzación.