Sometimes occasions arise where we need to use a song in various fields. For example, for some kind of audiovisual show, as a magic show, a convention business, because we are programmers and we are creating a video game… In many of these cases just pulling commercial music for which we pay a significant royalties to authors (through SGAE generally), or directly pirating this music, with the consequent legal risk generated by us. And if all this was much easier?

When a filmmaker like David Lynch working on a new movie or series, usually goes to a musician, Angelo Badalamenti most of the time, that in exchange for a wage, royalties, etc, he composed some issues as to what he needs. When we have no money or time problems, this is the best solution, Of course. But for ordinary mortals, we have a much more manageable and economical alternative, Even free!

If you need music, for any reason be, and you do not want to pay money for it, you can go to free music copyright. As usual, is music that the author of it available to the community in a free form, usually only in exchange for a mention and / or link to the author's page at the place where you intend to use (On a website, in a video game, etc). Thus both win: Music user gets quality music at zero cost, while the author of it gets a space made visible.

It is important to note the use of the license of the song or songs downloaded by the user. If the author is not named (provided that the license specifies that you must name to use for free, Of course), we would be committing the same illegality that if we use a song from any commercial album we've lowered by internet. Which is free does not exempt us to fulfill the obligations imposed on us and license, in this case, They are nothing more than name the author of the topic. Much better than paying money for the song, true?

In some cases, after hearing the music that the author has made available to the community for free, perhaps the author wish we compose a topic with more specific indications. This is one of the objectives pursued by releasing these authors royalty free music, to publicize their work and get paid jobs thanks to the publicity. And many may think that free music is music copyright sleazy, Nothing could be further from the truth. We can find works of high quality that will allow us to accompany our presentations, youtube videos or any project you have in hand and need a musical accompaniment.

And remember, the authors do not work for free, make available to the community free their subjects willingly. Using the music and citing or linking your website, We close the circle of collaboration between authors and users. And all within the law.