And it is not an innocent. It is nothing more than a rumor, but with the passage of the hours that it is taking strength. David Lynch plans to the return of Twin Peaks and roll a third season of the series for NBC. The American director already would have met with the managers of the chain to begin profiling the return of the legendary series.

The rumor comes from an anonymous source that States have been present at a meeting between the directors of American NBC television with David Lynch, that raised the return of series. The premises of this return would be (EYE, SPOILERS!):

  • the third season would begin having spent the same time in the series in real life, What would be almost 25 years.
  • Lynch wants to have control of the project and NBC executives are open to this, but with reservations, since they do not want the series to be something extremely unusual. Similarly concerned to be responsible Lynch series solo (the original series did it with Mark Frost).
  • The story would revolve environment Cooper, who is locked up in the lodge, and a young reporter who is willing to know the whole truth about Twin Peaks, BOB and the lodge.
  • Since the end of the season 2, the bad Cooper has been in prison in another State for the murder of two people in Twin Peaks. He doesn't know who they are, seems he went berserk. Everyone continues to believe that it is the real Cooper.
  • Lynch wants to start the series recreating the first scene of the red room of the first season. It would take place today and would be a track that Cooper is trapped in the red room.
  • It also wants to appear several of the original actors. It would have already contacted some of them, as with Catherine Coulson (Lady Leno).
The rumor can accommodate some credibility on the basis of that Lynch has been quite in contact with television in the last two years, appearing in several episodes of the series Louie and lending his voice to Gus, one of the characters from the series of drawings “The Cleveland show”, in Spain we can see through the channel Neox. In addition, the own Mark Frost has stated on several occasions (the latter very recently to Scify Now) David and he occasionally go back to comment on the issue of the return of Twin Peaks.
As we say, It is no more than a rumor, but that if true it would make the return of David Lynch overhand.