The singer has the disease for a year and suffers severe pain.

We get worrisome news about Julee Cruise, who got worldwide fame playing the songs of Twin Peaks. As he has released a message Facebook, that we attach to the end of the news, Julee suffering from systemic lupus since about a year ago, It seems strong pains that make you mourn and beat people, but it does not take opiates. Julee indicates that this situation is the fault of Prednisone prescribed for you to 20 to stay alive, we do not know the reason for this treatment.

Julee says goodbye for help to deactivate your facebook account and leaving some disturbing words.

Someone wise once told me I should go, and since I am a recluse, It is the daily bread for me. Thanks for everything!”

We wish her all the best to Julee, Hopefully I can improve and get on with life…