Rumors have soared after recent statements by him.

We've been since the end of Twin Peaks wanting more Lynch. Since then, we have been able to enjoy “little things” like What did jack do or the new Weather Report. However, it looks like something important is plotting Lynch.

A few weeks ago it was her daughter Jennifer who dropped that something had, in a post on their social networks, where it said:

Someone we know who is “To the” just dropped something very interesting about the future of “Twin Peaks”

But now it is Lynch himself who has fueled these rumors, in an interview for The Daily Beast, in which you have stated the following:

There could be things on the way that would mean less time on the YouTube channel

With these words of yours, everything seems to indicate that there is something in hand, although it may not have begun to shape it. But that, attached to the words of her daughter Jennifer, gives the impression that soon we will have news. And probably about Twin Peaks…

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