Forget commuting to the nearest cinema, Forget about paying tickets and wait queues and especially annoying noises of other viewers. Now you can equip your living room with everything you need to enjoy the best movies from the comfort of your home.

We all like comfort. This is so, It is not a question of sibaritismo, it's just that we like to enjoy the best things and how much easier and more practices are, the better. Many people find great pleasure in such a simple act as enjoy a good movie on your TV and relaxed on the couch. Why not raise it to the maximum power for comfort?

Have you raised transform your living room into a small cinema where you can enjoy your movies to another level? We suppose you're thinking that doing so involves a very high outlay only and exclusively for leisure, But the reality is that It is not so much money if you know what to buy and where to buy it. As the audiovisual market has grown and now there is much more competition they have made prices fall significantly, can get high quality items for less than double the price a few years ago.

Let's start with the basics; What it is the main thing you must have a cinema? effectively, a projector. As usual, the vast majority of readers (except those who live in a mansion) They may have a space provided for this home theater room the size of a standard room, for the the ideal place to enjoy a good quality and at an optimal distance option is a projector. Buy a movie projector at a good price and quality was an impossible task a few years ago, since this technology was not very advanced and gave brightness and synchronization problems, but today this is a thing of the past. On the market a large catalog of film projectors equipped with high image quality and detail and are perfect for small home theaters. You just have to know which one best fits your space and you're looking for performance and for less than you think you'll get one.

Although there are many who do not quite used to the feeling that creates the projector and prefer the image directly to a TV. TVs are also perfectly compatible for mounting a home theater, In fact, all current TVs come equipped with technology SmartTV, with which you can watch your favorite movies and series from different platforms like Netflix o HBO without any external device. Check out the best TV there are now so you can get a clear idea of ​​what to buy based on what you're looking for your home theater room.

In sound, the ideal is be a good team surround sound not to miss, but we know that These teams have a lot of power and may be able to disturb other rooms in the house or even neighbors. Solution? Listen to the TV with good helmets do not miss any iota of detail, with the feeling of surround sound without disturbing anyone. In addition, thanks to technology bluetooth You will forget the discomfort of wires, just you have to sit and enjoy.


We have all the equipment ready. Now only missing the popcorn and we know what film or series we will see and that you just have to go to plus Dede, a website where you can find a huge catalog of movies, series and documentaries to watch online and download for free, both classic films like new. In addition, Plusdede system is based on which users share links to the movies or series, so you will not be doing anything illegal to watch movies this way.