Jenesaispop article in which the need and desirability of a new season of the series is analyzed.

Particularly, everything that smacks feel like Twin Peaks. And if so, I'd love a new season of the series, more after the end of the third, which left us with so many drawbacks.

It is also true that there are many voices against the series continue and prefer to leave it where it is and Lynch focuses on new projects, as a new movie or even a new series on Showtime.

In Jenesaispop they have written an article analyzing why a new season of Twin Peaks would not be necessary, yet neither be wrong that would, the tasteful would receive. I leave an extract;

To which I refuse to debate is that David Lynch has offered these 18 new chapters overstuffed redundant and little news. The debate that has to "clip the wings" to the author that he "has been a great time pot". You may like a product or you can hate him, You can open a debate on artistic license and must do so on misogyny, but practically demand that an artist will put obstacles mainly based on fads or new rhythms market is at least questionable. There are enough products and on national and international television molded to the taste of most, and in that sense it is fortunate that we could attend a season as "author" as has been the third of 'Twin Peaks'.

You can read the full article here.