After several months of waiting is finally confirmed the date of the premiere of the documentary about David Lynch


This documentary, formerly known as LynchTHREE, Premiering in theaters the next Spanish 31 March and will be distributed by Vertigo Films. It premieres in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Santiago, Bilbao, San Sebastian and can any more than there is still no confirmation (Seville, Vigo and Zaragoza).

The synopsis of the documentary says the following:

The genuine director takes us on an intimate journey through the formative years of his life. From its idyllic mountain training until the dark streets of Philadelphia, We continue to Lynch while he describes the moments that led him to be one of the artists most personal history.

DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE shows portraits, the music and the first work of Lynch, illuminating the most recondite corners of their world so peculiar and unique.

It is a great year for fans of the director, with the release of the documentto the and Twin Peaks with just two months apart.