A woman around Moscow has taken his passion for Twin Peaks farther than anyone.

Lidia Katashuk, ornitóloga of the localidad Russian shcherbinka, He recreated in the home the Great Northern Hotel, where Special Agent Dale Cooper's staying in Twin Peaks.

“It's my project from start to finish. ‘Twin Peaks’ I was attracted by its distinctive cozy atmosphere of some of the key buildings Series. First is the Great Northern Hotel. And therefore, how not, I wanted to recreate part of the hotel interior”.

The House of 3 stories high, dispose of 3 transformed rooms, s two of which have become rooms at the Gran Hotel del Norte. Third, located on the third floor of the house, It is now the Red Room.

Lidia, ornitóloga of profession, welcomes guests in the red room. For a long time women, of 42 years, he worked as a professor in the Department of Zoology at a university. Four years ago, Lidia moved from one apartment to the cottage on the outskirts of Moscow where he spent his childhood to realize his dream: build a house in the style of 'Twin Peaks'. And is that, according to her, the genius of Lynch “He showed us how everything is actually”.

Lidia is shooting a documentary with his friends on the project and already has a new head: build a second house for guests and fans of the series of David Lynch.

In the RT Original news You can see a video of the house.