It has taken many years, but he finally seems to have a confirmation that David Lynch and Laura Dern are preparing a new movie together, Although it is still in a State of initial gestation.

On the one hand David Lynch in an interview recently that we can read in Tiscali (in Italian) declares:

“Right now I'm in the process of finding ideas for a new film”

With these words we can imagine that, If all goes well, There will be film. But it has been Laura Dern, who has starred in films of Lynch velvet blue, Wild and INLAND EMPIRE heart, which ended up to be confirmed in an interview to Los Angeles Times, declaring the following:

“There is a project with us (She and David) cooking, Although there is still no script”.

Which seems to confirm that, in the absence of realized the plot, Laura Dern star (or as some will have an important role) the new film by David Lynch. If it is true that still can miss their time so that you arrive at the cinemas, the main thing is it's coming.