We announced the launch of a monograph on Lost Highway.

This past XX was put on sale the book Lost Highway. David Lynch walks. He loved and coordinated by Roberto Shangria edited by Ediciones, This monograph on one of the iconic films Lynch comprises 13 texts written by different authors.

Soon we will have a copy in order to review their 294 pages with more details, but from what I know so far the book looks good.

I leave you with the same description, taken from their website. You can buy the book here.


Dick Laurent is dead. This simple copulative sentence is part of the collective memory of a generation of moviegoers. They are the first and the last words heard in the viewer Lost Highway. Arguably open and close the film, if not because one of its characteristics is to redefine the same concepts opening and closing. Linking both judgments, a set of subordinate unfolding in the manner of a Moebius until sinking into perplexity. But in the art world, perplexity is not always synonymous with confusion, or source of irritation. Quite the contrary, unrest, uncertainty and loss behave, as David Lynch himself says, certain pleasure. This volume has been made following the maxim of pleasure and fun, skirting any sense of loss and grief.

Twenty-two years after its release, whilst we endeavor to avejentar the new century, it is appropriate to return to one of the key films for understanding the millennium. Why Lost Highway It is the illustration of an ongoing conflict between uses and film tastes, social and technological past and future. Of that analog past two decades, and this digital future. When clarifying its many virtues, should be diversified interests and ways of approach. Like this, on the dark surface and unfathomable moments, Blonde dashed lines arise lucidity, fluorescent. Analysis lead us on the iconographic tradition of sex, of destruction, women and madness. A route through the landscapes, sound and musical rhythms, physiological vagaries of the mind and, definitely, by various methods that humans have found to organize time and space of their aesthetic expressions.

Yes Dick Laurent is dead, there may be time to find out who murdered, when and why.