Only Dune and INLAND EMPIRE will be left out of this series of films that will tour Spain.

From next 11 June Avalon, under the name of Universe David Lynch (same as our website), will rerun all of Lynch's filmography in theaters, with the exception of Dune and INLAND EMPIRE. Especially noteworthy will be in the Golem cinemas in Madrid and the Balmes Multicines in Barcelona, where they will be decorated with motifs from each of the films in each screening. In addition, talks will be held in these cinemas, meetings and presentations.

You can buy a pass to see all the movies at a special price. I mean: you will have 8 movie tickets plus passport in physical format. This passport will be available for sale at 11 May in the avalon store.

In addition, Lynch's films can also be seen in cinemas throughout Spain. At the moment the confirmed cinemas are the following:

  • A coruña (Yelmo Rosales Cinemas)
  • Ferrol (Duplex)
  • Santiago de Compostela (Numax)
  • Vigo – (helmet)
  • Gijón (Ocimax Helm)
  • Oviedo (Helm Los Meadows)
  • Vitoria (Florida Guridi)
  • Saint Sebastian (Trueba),
  • Bilbao (Golem Alhóndiga)
  • Logroño (7 Infants)
  • Pamplona (Golem Yamaguchi)
  • Zaragoza, Barcelona (Icaria-Yelmo)
  • Lleida (Screen Funatic)
  • Burgos (Vangolem Arlanzon)
  • Lion (Van Gogh)
  • Salamanca (Van Dyck)
  • Valladolid (Broadway)
  • Madrid (Ideal Helmet, Yelmo Luxury Palafox)
  • Mallorca (Cineciutat)
  • Alicante (Helm Puerta Alicante)
  • Valencia (Babel, Helm Valencia)
  • Malaga (Albéniz, Vialia Helm)
  • Seville (Avenue)
  • The Gran Canarian palms (Helm Las Arenas)
  • Tenerife (Helm La Orotava).

More information on Avalon – Universo David Lynch. We leave you with the promotional video. See you in theaters!

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