David Lynch parodies Teaches Typing games to learn typing in a spectacular way.

In that game / parody performed by Rhino Stew Productions, David Lynch teaches us how to learn to type. For this, the game uses a retro aesthetic, very year 80 or early 90. All texts that appear are spoken by a voice that simulates quite rightly, the tone and accent of David.

During the demo, which takes about 5-10 minutes, many references are made to the film Lynch. The truth is that it has greatly surprised us, because every step we advanced in the game unexpected things happened. Like it shows, indicate that the computer you use to type a “Maclachlantosh 900”, a clear reference to Kyle MacLachlan and computers Machintosh. The laughter that I could drop my insurance have heard all neighbors…

Do not hesitate to get off this short game and enjoy it, I think a great frikadas. It is available for PC, Mac y Linux, so you have no excuse. You can descargaros the game from page David Lynch Teaches Typing. Let's enjoy it!