Courtesy of Sony Pictures Spain, who sent us a copy for analysis.

In this case we have provided a normal edition, having a standard box with several sheets with the disks and cardboard slipcase out with the cover. Remember that there is a special edition where the box opens and looks aside Cooper and Mr. Across C, and all disks, an issue very definitely currada. However, the contents of both editions is the same, They differ only in the packaging.

Regarding the series, the expected: the 18 divided into chapters 7 discs. The picture quality is spectacular, nothing to do with the quality of the issue that many had to endure seeing the series through Movistar Yomvi. Many still have nightmares about dark scenes chapter 8, Mr child. C in the woods, where it was almost impossible to see what was going on. Nothing happens here that, the picture looks really well, Full HD resolution, filled with vivid colors and detail.

The extras are great, They are never end!. There are so many (more of 8 hours), that they are scattered along 4 discs, the discs 1, 2 and 7 share extras with episodes of the series, while the disc 8, which has a special golden color, It is occupied solely by extras. It is difficult to find such a beast launches amount of extras. The details briefly below:

Promos series produced by David Lynch

7 Lynch believe advertisements announcing the series on Showtime.

Twin Peaks: The phenomenon

3 documentaries about the series, where David himself, Mark Frost and actors talk about the series, since its inception more than 25 years to the present with shooting the new season. I'ts divided into 3 parts: Creation, Life After Death and Rebirth.

Comic-Con 2017: Panel Twin Peaks

Kyle MacLachlan, Tim Roth, Dana Ashbrook, Kimmy Robertson, Everett McGill, Matthew Lillard, James Marshall, Don Murray and Naomi Watts attended the Comic-Con 2017 San Diego to participate in a discussion on Twin Peaks, where they fielded questions, first moderator, co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof, and after the audience.

A very charming dream: a week in Twin Peaks. Richard Beymer movies.

Richard Beymer, who plays Ben Horne in the series, He filmed two documentaries during the filming of the series, where you can see moments of rehearsals and recording, For example, many of the scenes of the red room. Documentaries titered Behind the curtain and curdled milk drank Dehradun, accompanied by an introductory letter from Richard.

Rancho Rosa Logos

Two minutes where we can see all the intros that were seen at the beginning of the series with the logo of Rancho Rosa Productions. Each chapter was a different color.

Photo gallery behind the scenes

just that, a gallery of images of the shooting.

impressions: A journey through scenes Twin Peaks.

Set of documentaries about half an hour each led by Jason S., who was in charge of photography in David Lynch: the art life. We see them all the ins and outs of shooting, scenes, Lynch talks with actors…

  • The man with gray hair creping
  • Tell Martin
  • Two blue balls
  • The number of completion
  • binocular bad
  • See you on the other side Dear Friend
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers
  • A bloodied finger in your mouth
  • Polish counter
  • A pot boiling oil

With all of this, Is it worth your purchase? The answer is a resounding yes. Of you depends if you want spendest some more money by having the deluxe edition, but the content is the same both edition, not in the DVD version, losing 1 extra hour approximately. I wish all editions Blu-ray movies were like this edition Lynch.

And remember also that, by € 23 Twin Peaks have available: the full mystery, It is including the 2 seasons of the original series, Twin Peaks movie: Fire Walk With Me and missing parts, more than hour and a half with the deleted scenes from the film. It is the English edition, but it is entirely in Castilian. I leave the purchase links:

Twin Peaks, The Entire Mystery and The Missing Pieces [United Kingdom] [Blu-ray] (all in Castilian) by € 23.30
Twin Peaks temporada 3 Blu-ray (standard edition) from 31.36 €)