Now is the best analysis of the weekly chapter of Twin Peaks.

Like every week we bring you the review that Javier J. Valencia writes Mocking Bird on the last chapter of Twin Peaks. A brief excerpt:

I said in my introduction of the entry on the previous episode There's some fear in letting go was the most moving so far-especially by Margaret farewell, the lady of the log- and this week has touched which is probably the most exciting. The tense wait about the end of the trip and Chantal Hutch (Tim Roth y Jennifer Jason Leigh) She has come to an end in the most unexpected way possible when their presence in Las Vegas made them fear doom for Dougie, your family or your friends. The situation with Audrey has again rotated within another twist, and could almost be heard from my window at the time of issuance of the final scene in which he is looking in the mirror liquid noisy sound from all the gray matter that (we) It was stirring by fans across the world looking to find an answer to this mystery. But especially, Tachycardic the time of the season has been the most eagerly awaiting the third installment I think for anybody else, and the great triumph this time was into something sour: happy ... but melancholy. The old spirit of Twin Peaks, at least when it was not his own reflection (luminosamente sad).

You can read the analysis in chapter 16 here