We look at the memoirs of American director.

For someone who does not like to explain things, write a biography should not be tasteful dish for this purpose so David was surrounded by Kristine Mckenna, journalist and close friend of Lynch, to help you to write this book.

It is not a biography to use, we warned. Each chapter is divided into two halves. The first one is written by Kristine, from over one hundred unpublished interviews with former partners, friends, family, colleagues, etc. Lynch. Through them tell a story about the director's life. Being expressly interviews conducted for the book, we find hundreds of unknown facts to the reader, so if someone really put in David's life thought I would find new surprises is just downright wrong.

The second part of the chapters is written by David after reading what you wrote Kristine. David is responsible for nuance items, add new ones and to write down everything that comes to mind from that preface that serves to refresh memories and bring out things you may already forgotten in your mind. So much cooler story only to face a blank sheet is achieved. It is wonderful to see how David corrects his family and friends or clarifies certain things that are said several pages about it before, allowing us to see how David sees certain aspects of his life and, At the same time, how they saw the people who were with him. Especially interesting I felt were the chapters on youth, A before being famous. Testimony from Alan Splet or Jack Fisk, some of those who accompanied him in his early years of unrest in the arts, They are wonderful and drawn to an unknown David to the general public. Anecdotes like the times he has been arrested (which were several) They are worth reading.

David said there were too many lies about his life on internet, so that one of his goals with this book was to have a place where you can check things truthfully. And well he has succeeded, since the book is full of details both his life and the creative process that has led him to perform all his works. The book covers even the period of the third season of Twin Peaks, so we can say that leaves no aspect lame. I remember reading many years ago “David Lynch por David Lynch” Chris Rodley and reach the end with a bittersweet feeling because, although the book loved (It is still one of my favorites on the American director), there was a chapter talking about Mulholland Drive or INLAND EMPIRE and I would have loved to read (I believe that the republication of the book and includes chapters on these films, but he did not reach Spain).

I can only say that space to dream is an essential book for any fan of Lynch or cinema in general. It is a wonderful wealth and becomes part of my highlights from now. What a wonderful year we have been able to enjoy books like this space to dream or Twin Peaks Universe, two of the best books on the American director who can enjoy today (the second dedicated only to the famous series).

Space to dream Reservoir is published by Books and you can buy it here.