We analyze the book that tells the adventures of Joseph Merrick, closely related to David Lynch.

And is that although this book have no relationship with Lynch, We all know that one of his greatest works is the film The Elephant Man. This book allows us to inquire more about the life of its protagonist, Joseph Merrick.

The book is edited by Question editions and translated by David Francisco. It is a new writing, if not that the book consists of several original stories and texts about Merrick that have been translated into Spanish and in addition are also included in the original version, which I found great detail.

The texts that can be found in the book are:

  • The elephant man, by Frederick Treves: The story that Dr. Frederick Treves (who he was portrayed in the film by Anthony Hopkings) He published in his memoirs “The Elephant Man and other reminiscences” of 1923, about his encounter with the Elephant Man.
  • A case of congenital malformation Frederick Treves: The first complete medical report issued by the doctor after examining Merrick, published in 1885.
  • Autobiography by Joseph Carey Merrick : Text that was published by one of the carnies where exhibited Merrick. There are doubts about whether he wrote it himself, although the tone and style so indicate.
  • Letters to the editor of The Times by F.C. Carr Gomm: The director of the London Hospital where Merrick was sent two letters to the Times, a circular calling for cooperation to lodge him citizenship (what got were donations so that could have lived in the hospital throughout his life) and other reporting his death.
  • Death of the Elephant Man (The Times): Article written by the newspaper itself after the death of Merrick.
  • The elephant man, por Madge Kendal: Fragment of autobiography of the actress in which he talks about his relationship with Merrick.

Further included several photographs of Merrick, Trade show their posters and self Frederick Treves.

Reading it is very agile. I confess that I expected to do uphill but quite the opposite, can be read easily. It is an extremely interesting and enjoyable read. In addition, to the very varied texts allow us to see Joseph Merrick from various viewpoints.

Especially noteworthy it is the whole story that makes Frederick Treves about Joseph Merrick, especially if we have seen the film Lynch, what we can relive great movie scenes, as the time is cornered by the crowd at a train station and just shouting the famous phrase “I'm not a monster, I'm a human being, a man”.

The book costs just 10 EUR, so strongly I recommend you owe. You can acquire from the link and, In addition, you will be working with David Lynch Universe. Thank you! 🙂

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