The year is fast coming to an end and that means one thing for most people, time for the long holiday. As most people will have some free time during the upcoming festive season, it’s likely that they will spend much of that time catching up on great movies that they missed during the course of the year, so if you’re interested in getting a TV to watch these movies, you can reach out for free quote in atlanta home theater systems to setup your living room for movies as well.

In light of this, we have compiled this list of the best documentaries that were released in2018, these are must-watch documentaries as they are not just for entertainment purposes but they are also informative and educative. Note, to watch some of these online you might have to pay a small fee (for subscriptions) thus if you find yourself low on funds, you can always visit and play profitable games so that you get the money to pay for subscriptions.

Dirty Money

Dirty Money is a six-part docuseries from Alex Gibney. For those who follow Alex’s productions, you already know that he loves touching on the most sensitive topics; talk of his riveting exploration of the church of Scientology or his deep dive into the conspiracy of how Eliot Spitzer fell from grace. Dirty Money is a documentary which has all the hallmarks of an Alex Gibney production in that it exposes (in a rather unsettling way) the twisted shenanigans of the Wall Street financial predators. The documentary also exposes how dark government elements are working in cohorts with the Wall Street financial predators.

Seeing Allred

The #MeToo campaign has been 2018’s trendy topic. Befittingly, a documentary was created which explores the stories behind the #MeToo campaign in detail. While touching on the most popular cases, this documentary primarily focuses on Gloria Allred, the attorney who has represented a high number of women who have accused influential men such as the current US president, Donald Trump and popular actor Bill Cosby. As you follow the life of Gloria Allred, viewers of this documentary are exposed to other issues that are a part of the #MeToo campaign but unfortunately issues that are not being covered by the mainstream media.


Whitney is a documentary created in the memory of the late soulful artist, Whitney Houston. Note that Whitney is a highly emotional and sensitive documentary but nonetheless a great watch. The documentary unravels the trials and tribulations Whitney went through, how this great singer was mismanaged and how she was exploited by those who were supposed to protect her. Brace yourself for an emotional roller-coaster as you watch this documentary.

The Road Movie

At best, The Road Movie can be classified as a horror documentary. The Road Movie is a documentary which depicts human tragedy. With clips taken from Russian accidents (mostly involving motor vehicles and haulage trucks), viewers of The Road Movie get to see how human error can be costly. Just to enlighten the world on how its folly to go on the steering wheel when you should definitely not, the movie documentary does reveal everything. This, therefore, means the faint-hearted may find it difficult to finish watching it as it is too graphic

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