The elephant man represents a clear example of that at the beginning of the Decade of the 80 American cinema had matured and was trying to leave behind, Thanks to the contribution of new talents, the existential void that had occurred at the beginning of the previous decade and which had led to the resurgence of European cinema. Just David Lynch with this tape shows us their ability to make deep and complex works of indisputable quality and artistic e undoubtedly reflected in some pieces of art and European trial, the public and criticize praised it, being well received in the halls and getting 8 nominations for an Oscar, including best film, Best Director, Best screenplay and Best Actor in addition to minor technical products. The argument is the terrible reality that lives a man who suffers a physical deformation syndrome being object of exploitation and taunt, until a doctor arrives to his life to try to cure it, understand and make you feel more human.

The script of the movie shows and tells in a very raw way the reality of its main character, its abyss, their inability to change more than his desire and his helpless before the world. The story is told in a very realistic way, where the attitudes of humans are up to with their peers from abominable and reprehensible socially sensitive and comprehensive, covering a very broad spectrum. The script is a document explicit of how man can become a beast, exploring the most hidden and instinctive behaviors of being giving a deep and thoughtful message.

The direction of David Lynch (“Lost Highway”) It is glossy and is this film one of his works more solid and true to your style reference. There is a great photograph, the movie is filmed in black and white, the mount is perfect and very valuable are the sets and the costumes used. But more than artistic value, the director manages to give the film an approach by which reaches the Viewer by manipulating the emotions of his characters, with ample expertise factor.

The cast boasts four front-line players to interpret the main characters. John Hurt (“1984”) It is composed of perfect way a man whose fate seems to condemn him, Anthony Hopkins (“The silence of the innocents”) delivery emotion and brilliance in the skin of the doctor, Anne Bancroft (“The graduate”) to a lesser extent it supports and complements the work of both main characters, While Gielgud (“Clear dark”) It is composed to a ruthless and unscrupulous owner of the circus seeking to save their own seeking to save himself at the expense of their miseries.

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