It seems that it was yesterday when I decided to make a website for my newly acquired knowledge of web programming in PHP and I decided to make a website about David Lynch, that he had just seen all his films and had left me honestly fascinated. After arduous weeks of work universe David Lynch came to light of cyberspace.

The web began on a free server, first Forum, that launched the 25 November of 2005, and the rest of the web the 8 of December, taking advantage of being festive. Since then they have gone 7 years in which the web has become the largest community in Spanish dedicated to David Lynch, with more than 1 million page views, a Forum with more than 1300 Open issues, Although it is in decline unfortunately, a Facebook very active, with more than 5200 followers and a Twitter with 335 followers.

Thanks to all who enter to the web, I never imagined that something so small could end emerging something so large and what feel so proud.